Our lab memberships are designed to give you:

Cost and risk reduction

We’ll admit that doesn’t sound terribly exciting, until you think about what it costs to make and support products that your customers don’t value, or find frustrating to use. Learning of issues early, when it’s relatively inexpensive to course correct, is smart design and good for business.

More satisfied customers

Better UX design directly results in higher levels of customer satisfaction. If you’re already measuring how customers feel about your business, then regularly involving them in the evaluation and shaping of experiences gives you the insights you need to drive NPS up even further.

Stronger design capabilities

Surfacing reliable insights from customers is a skill. There are many ways to invalidate findings and these weaken the confidence stakeholders have in your decisions. We provide impartial and expert coaching to your team, giving them the tools and techniques to capture reliable data.

Healthier design culture

Great design leaders know that the success of design relies on people from across their businesses seeing and believing in its value. When design happens in silos it does no one any favours. Give people a reason to get out of the office and into a place that’s designed for collaboration.

Scalable impact

When you regularly evaluate your products with customers, you can more easily quantify and demonstrate the value of design. As belief and support for your efforts grows and you seek to scale your efforts, access to the lab and its associated capability building features can scale with you.

Momentum during lockdown

Aotearoa New Zealand’s public health response to COVID-19 may mean it's not possible to access the lab. Should that be the case, we have a remote-friendly contingency plan for your membership that ensures your research is not disrupted and you’re able to keep learning with your customers.

Working with The Space InBetween has been extremely valuable. Their expert facilitation gives us great insights into how people experience our products, enabling us to make them better, faster. The team always leave 'the lab' fizzing and aligned on what needs to be done and why.

Lewis Billinghurst

Head of VenturesRedbird Ventures