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The only evaluative UX research practice and world-class UX lab in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Running a product evaluation programme, that directly impacts the future of our global products, we expect the very best from our partners. We get that - every time - from The Space In Between. They’re able to come up to speed on new and complex products quickly. Their findings are always thoughtfully documented and supported by sensible suggestions for the product team. All in all, incredible attention to detail, expert facilitation, and clear communication.

Michael Dutton

Senior Manager, Research & Experience MetricsServiceNow

Make better products with greater confidence

Get aligned

Watching someone struggle to use your product is both humbling and illuminating. Doing it with other people in your organisation breaks down silos and gets you on the same page. It’s this higher level of alignment that gives you a better chance of creating a great user experience.

Reduce risk

What does it cost to design, build and support a product that has poor UX? We think it’s better (and smarter) not to find out. Reduce the risk of creating something that’s costly to support and negatively impacts NPS, by involving customers early and often in the process.

Remove friction

Friction kills customer satisfaction and this comes at a cost, whether it’s lost revenue, bad reviews or overworked support. Yes, it can be uncomfortable watching your customers become confused and frustrated with your product, but what you learn more than pays for itself.

Find insights

Analytics are great for spotting problems and trends. Market research is great for finding opportunities and canvassing opinions. But those alone won’t give you any depth of insight into why people do what they do, or believe what they believe. UX research will.

Increase momentum

Don’t waste time wrangling space, fiddling with technology, or finding the right people for your study. We’ve got everything already setup and ready to go, including loads of sticky notes, sharpies, and hand sanitiser. A world-class environment for shaping future experiences.

Measure impact

We get it - some people have trouble believing in human-centred design. All they see are the sticky notes, when what they want are the numbers. We help you to quantify the performance of your user experience, giving you a reliable and evidence-based way to build support.

The Space InBetween make our digital customer experiences real. Getting our people out of the office and into the lab - with actual customers - has been transformative. It’s building belief in human centred design. It’s a powerful way of developing understanding of our design capabilities, and it’s helping us to make better business decisions.

Perrin Rowland

Chief Experience Design OfficerWestpac New Zealand

Times they are a changing

After a decade of designing and building digital experiences, we’ve transformed our business to help brave organisations to transform theirs.

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