UXR for brave design teams

The only evaluative UX research practice and world-class UX lab in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We help enterprise design leaders to de-risk product design, and to shape and scale healthy design cultures.


User research

We help you to understand why your users do what they do, so you can discover insights that inspire future experiences.


Usability testing

We bring your team together to observe real people using your products, finding friction so you can make them better.


Digital innovation

We provide a fast, strategic and user-centred way to align, explore and de-risk the process of digital innovation.


Working with The Space InBetween has been extremely valuable. Their expert facilitation gives us great insights into how people experience our products, enabling us to make them better, faster. The team always leave 'the lab' fizzing and aligned on what needs to be done and why.

Lewis Billinghurst

Head of VenturesRedbird Ventures

The place to be brave

We’ve created New Zealand’s first world-class UX lab. A ‘safe-space’ for brave teams to build capability, while having helpful human-centred reality checks.

Make better products with greater confidence

Get aligned

Helping people to get on the same page is the most important thing you can do to increase your chances of creating better experiences. Great UX rarely happens in silos. This is why we’ve designed how we work to help you shift-mindsets as much as pixels.

Reduce risk

Digital transformations and agile are placing huge pressure on teams to deliver something - anything - sometimes meaning the wrong problems get solved. This busy-work wastes time and money. We help you validate early and quickly, with real users.

Remove friction

Friction kills customer satisfaction and this costs your organisation, whether it’s lost revenue, bad reviews or overworked support. It can be uncomfortable watching users ‘not get’ how to use your product, but we make sure what you learn is worth it.

Find insights

Market research is useful for working out market size, trends and what people say they think. That’s not what we do. We help you understand what people do and why, so you can make more useful and innovative products.

Increase momentum

Don’t waste time fighting over space, fiddling with technology, or finding users - we’ve got everything setup and ready to go, including loads of sticky notes and hand sanitiser. A world-class service and environment for shaping the future.

Measure impact

Some people have trouble believing in human-centred design. Together we help them to believe, by showing them that it works. Using the latest technology, methods and metrics, we give you a reliable and evidence-based way to build support.

With a state of the art facility, The Space InBetween puts research and validation at the centre of their approach, enabling teams to make, test and learn with their users, at pace and with confidence.

Gavin Becker

Managing DirectorIsobar New Zealand

Times they are a changing

After a decade of designing and building digital experiences, we’ve transformed our business to help brave organisations to transform theirs.

Courage lives here

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