Our lab testing experiences are designed to give you:

Reduced business risk

What does it cost your organisation to design, develop, launch, and support products that people find difficult or frustrating to use? It’s better not to find out.

Happier customers

Shipping products where your customers have been involved early and often helps you create experiences that rise above their expectations and your competition.

Clear design priorities

Have opinions, sure, but hold them loosely. Rather than guessing what you should change to make your product better, let your customers show you.

Increased alignment

Business really is a team sport. Give the people across yours the opportunity to get out of the office and out of their silos, and truly collaborate on creating value.

Meaningful insights

We help you to learn what matters most, whether it’s a clearer view of your customers’ mental models, or an accurate assessment of your product’s usability.

The Space InBetween make our digital customer experiences real. Getting our people out of the office and into the lab - with actual customers - has been transformative. It's building belief in human centred design. It's a powerful way of developing understanding of our design capabilities, and it's helping us to make better business decisions.

Perrin Rowland

Chapter Area Lead, CX & DesignWestpac New Zealand