What you get

Our usability testing practice gives you:

1. Measurable results

A regular, reliable and relatable way of finding friction in the digital experience.

2. Instant insights

Immediate insights from watching real people experience your products

3. Real empathy

A simple way of making the customer’s experience real for your people.

4. Forward momentum

Easily digestible results, designed to increase understanding and action.

5. Increased focus

Premium hassle-free hosting and exclusive use of our world-class UX lab.

The Space InBetween make our digital customer experiences real. Getting our people out of the office and into the lab - with actual customers - has been transformative. It's building belief in human centred design. It's a powerful way of developing understanding of our design capabilities, and it's helping us to make better business decisions.

Perrin Rowland

Chapter Area Lead, CX & DesignWestpac New Zealand