Our remote UX research services are designed to give you:

De-risked decisions

What’s the cost of designing, developing, and supporting a product that your users find frustrating or difficult to use? We believe it’s better not to find out.

Satisfied users

This probably goes without saying but designing products by actively involving users is the key to understanding and then exceeding their expectations.

Tested assumptions

It’s human to have hunches. We all have them. It’s smart when you put them to the test and then use what you learn to inform what you do next.

Improved collaboration

Better products are made possible when people across the business are engaged with the research and given the opportunity to integrate their perspectives.

Practical insights

We help you to make confident decisions, by providing you with accurate, practical and impartial insights into your users’ experience with your products.

Bringing New Zealand’s first digital wallet to market, we needed to make sure people understood how to use it and if not, why not? The Space InBetween gave us a clear, comprehensive and actionable set of insights, which we immediately used to make a positive difference. As a founder, it was great to be able to watch a few sessions and the video clips in the report were a really nice touch.

James McEniery

Co-FounderDosh NZ