Dimond Roofing is Fletcher Steel's roofing business, serving both the commercial and residential sectors.

In 2017 they acquired Calder Stewart Roofing and became the largest long-run roofing manufacturer in New Zealand.

The team at Fletcher Steel saw the merger as a great opportunity to revitalise the Dimond brand.

This included an outdated web presence, which had evolved into two separate yet largely similar websites - one for roofing installers and another for architects.

As part of the refresh, we were asked to bring structure, ease of use and cohesion back to Dimond's web presence.


We began by observing how architects and installers were using the current Dimond and Calder Stewart websites.

Using Google Analytics and Hotjar, we gained valuable insights into what was important to retain from the current sites, and what wasn't.

We explored the structure, navigation and journeys using an interactive prototype, at both mobile and desktop sizes.

This enabled us to create a clean, contemporary and sophisticated platform for the Dimond brand.


As well as providing visual inspiration, products are now much easier to find, and movement through the site is more organic.

Complicated technical info is displayed without confusion, alongside case studies and other relevant information.

The new website is a huge improvement on its predecessor. Feedback from architects and installers has been extremely positive.