Ba 2018 W

The challenge

Launchspace is an education startup, aiming to redefine the education model for business and creative focused technology education.

Their programmes are designed in close collaboration with industry, resulting in an accelerated, practical learning experience that provides the skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace.

After launching their initial programme with am identity and website that was quickly put together, Launchspace asked our friends at Republik to revitalise their identity.

They then asked us to create a website that better embodied their unique approach to learning and involved their students in the process.

With strong anti-establishment views on how education should be delivered, it was vital we created something that challenged convention and didn't feel like an ‘education website’.

The approach

Before designing anything, we needed to understand the nature and nuances of the business.

So, we actively embedded ourselves in the Launchspace organisation, to get to know their people, their students and their unique approach.

During our time ‘on the inside’, we mentored students on design thinking. We also structured exercises, including a brief to wireframe the new Launchspace website.

We used these wireframes to inform our own design process, where we created an interactive wireframe and presented it to the students in an open forum, encouraging feedback.

This very user-centred approach provided us with added insight into what the core audience considered important and played a big role in defining the UX.


Seeing its success as the success of its students, Launchspace’s website prominently positions students and their stories within the design.

The double-exposure photographic style demonstrates the multidimensional and complex nature of people, rather than the ‘perfect person’ as is the convention.

The contact and application forms are designed to be more conversational than transactional, which is completely in-tune with the culture of the company.

The design is bold, energetic and positive, a reflection of what your education could be like, if you sign on with Launchspace.