Ba 2019


Led by the energetic and insightful Blair McKolskey, PLN Group are building a reputation for design excellence.

Their intelligent and award-winning furniture, acoustic and lighting solutions are raising the right kind of eyebrows, around the world.

Through their focus on creating research-led products and solutions, they have achieved global distribution.

To continue to build confidence in their brand and their products, PLN needed a website that embodied their principles.

The new site needed to showcase their thinking and set them on an equal footing with more established global players.

It needed to give prospective clients and international distributors confidence in PLN's unique solutions.

It needed to support the company's growth.


As a curious bunch of designers, we set-off on an intensive workshop-driven discovery phase.

This approach helped us to quickly build a deep understanding of PLN's unique culture, strategy and market.

Through a series of workshops, we were able to dive into the lives of PLN's various major audiences.

From these, we crafted personas which we used as anchors, as we explored how their website journeys could unfold via an interactive prototype.

To keep us on the right track, other stakeholders and audience members were consulted to help refine the experience.


Working with the team at PLN, we were able to refine the innovation and product narratives, integrating them into a single cohesive experience.

This wasn't an exercise in design for design's sake though, utility was high on the agenda and critical for commercial effectiveness.

Prospective customers needed to quickly find product information and the contact details of their closest distributor.

What resulted is a website that is a bold, cohesive and beautifully crafted reflection of the brand.

The site powerfully helps to position PLN as a global design innovator, alongside their contemporaries.