Precinct Properties are New Zealand's largest owner of A-grade commercial property and have been listed on the NZX since 1997.

Their impressive portfolio includes the ANZ Centre (Auckland), PwC Tower (Auckland) and the AON Centre (Wellington).

Focused on quality growth, they recently acquired Generator, New Zealand's premier co-working and shared space provider.

For many years - in typical Kiwi fashion - the company has operated somewhat below the radar.

However, with Commercial Bay under development in Auckland, they began to attract their fair share of attention.

Unfortunately, their existing website wasn’t providing the quality of experience that Precinct is known for in their physical spaces.

A site that would showcase Precinct's forward-thinking approach, impressive portfolio, and people-focused culture was needed.

Most importantly, the new site would help Precinct generate trust with investors, the public and tenants.


Having worked with Precinct for several years, across a number of projects, we knew their business well - brand and strategy.

This privileged position helped us to get going quickly and determine just how far we could push the boundaries of the experience.

Throughout the development of the UX and UI, we worked closely with Precinct’s marketing and investor relations teams, as well as members of their executive.

In crafting the design, we used an interactive wireframe (at mobile and desktop sizes) to start the conversation on how the website would be structured.

We also used UI concepts to test and establish design boundaries, and a high-fi, multi-breakpoint prototype of the UI to show how the interface would behave.


Precinct is completely focused on creating shareholder value by providing premium tenants with premium spaces.

We were completely focused on creating a flexible website, supportive of this strategy through its confident, clean and contemporary design.
There's no mistaking who the market leader is.

Strong headlines, clear calls to action, and crisp layouts await visitors. And with big, bold and aspirational imagery featured throughout, you simply can't miss the importance that Precinct places on people and places.

The website's component-based UI, navigation and interactions were created to move people through the site - no matter what device they are on - with ease.

By providing plenty of breathing space between elements, the experience achieves a confident sense of clarity and purpose.

The result? A modern, versatile and industry-leading website for a truly innovative and forward-thinking company.